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Sewer Inspections Northwest specializes in underground sewer inspection and documentation. We use superior tools and equipment that allow us to most accurately find and diagnose your sewer blockage or leak.

Verisight Push Camera

The VeriSight push camera system provides capture inspection video from inside pipes, ducts and chimneys. It includes an internal MPEG4 viewer/recorder and software for recording the images seen, and for adding data, text and audio.

The Verisight camera allow us to view and record live footage that's captured by the Verighight's illuminated camera head that's attached to a flexible cable. This epoxy/Kevlar-reinforced pushrod cable enables us to push the camera considerable distances along a pipe; even through tight bends and P traps.

Quickview Zoom Camera

The QuickView zoom inspection camera is the ideal tool to quickly assess infrastructure condition and maintenance planning. It reveals at a glance whether pipes need full cleaning and closer inspection.

A powerful zoom camera and lamps pinpoint hidden flaws and obstructions, then document them with color video and digital images.

Sewer Inspection in Seattle


verisight cameraImages

Sample application shots taken with the Verisight push camera. Click on an image for a larger view.

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quickview quickview camera

Auxiliary illumination lets the QuickView zoom inspection camera see farther down lines. This illegal pipe tap appears 75' down a 15" concrete line.

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